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The small industry and artisanal creation sector forms a significant part of a country’s GDP and is the lifeblood of many passionate and creative producers. It is often difficult for these producers to enter the formal market and thus we provide a platform for artisanal producers to showcase their wares and trade. 

Discover the best in Home Made and see what our talented home industry producers have on offer. Find products by category or regions and support our local home industry producers!


CULTURE                TRADITION                INNOVATION                PASSION

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Artisanal is more than just food

Artisanal: Created by hand or in a non-mechanized way.

Deli Foods

Our biltong and droëwors is what expats miss more than their mothers.

Craft Products

Since Mampoer was first bottled, we realized the value of home made products and innovative branding.

Hand CrafT

The skill, talent and dedication that goes into our local handcrafted products is legendary.



This is what you would have found in ouma se spens, when we still had spenses.

Arts & Crafts

Beautiful display products from our creative producers.

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